Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Does that sign say F*ckbuckle?! HAHAHA

September 2010

1 leg, or 3 legs? Those are your only options!

Banana Hammock! HAHAHA

OMG I want that swing!!!

Most confusing hop-scotch game EVER!

Yeah wow the things you find at Flohmarkets.


Weirdest sculptures at a theme park I've seen so far. These gems were at the Europa Park

August 2010 #2

Louisiana, Texas, Kansas, and German sausage. I didn't know there were so many different kinds, but apperently there are in Germany!

Madam bar in Munich, Germany. I don't know what it was, but it sure looked odd.

Spiderman driving a tank!

I have no idea why they're like this! lol

Cosmo ad

I first saw this in the UK cosmo. Then a month later I got a US cosmo and noticed it was a tad different. They only showed one perfume bottle in the US ad, that way it wouldn't be a metaphor for her breasts then. This just proves how prudish the US is compared to Europe.

Racist Germany?

These are both children's rides at the Mannheim Christmas market in 2010. The first on has a, well um African man pushing the part of the carousel.

The second images,(click to make the image larger), has well another African boy.

I just found these to be a bit ODD to have on children's rides, STILL!

Instruction on turning a car on

This was in the military newpaper, that's just scary! In Texas, turning the car off is part of the test! LOL (Yes I know this is to remind people to not let the car idle while heating up, but really the image too? lol)