Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Jan. 25, 2011 funnies!

I don't know which is worse; that someone actually posted this flyer, or that people actually TOOK the tabs?!

When did playing with cockroaches become FUN?! When did cockroaches become toys? You're supposed to squish these! Not PLAY with them!!!!

"The 300 Spartans" Ummm aren't numbers usually listed numeracy, not alphabetical?!

WOW! LMAO This translates to: I'm saving up for sex!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Nürnberg is apperently quite feminine

This was actually in a McDonald's.

I don't really know what this is. But I know 2 things that it LOOKS like!

WOW! OMG all I have to say for this, OMG WOW!!!! This was in a kind of toy store, and no not THAT kind of toy store. I think it's supposed to be a clam with eyes. Yeah it looks like a "clam" alright!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Funny things I found in Rothenburg, Germany

"Wax impression from the behind of a boar." This is from the Crime Museum in Rothenburg, they did some freaky stuff back in the day! Apperently this had something to do with debtors.

This is also from the Crime Museum in Rothenburg and also has to do with debtors in some way. But look carefully at the guy near the butt of the pig....see next picture.

Yeah, not only is he poking the poor pig's butt, WHY IS HIS TONGUE STICKING OUT?!?!?! Side note that I thought was hilarious, this image was number 69 on my camera card, YEAH! lol

I don't know what used to be in front of the in the front, but I think it turned the middle guy on, and the guy in the back "just wanted to watch."

Anal love?


We want sex! Obviously that's the mindset of this whole town!

Is this the New World Order of Monkeys' logo?!

Um yeah, dude can you move your crane we sorta can't get by!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Giant leopard slug

Can anyone tell me what kind of slug this is? I've never seen one before.

August 2010

Who the HELL invented this?! ONE tissue at a time?! AND they put it in the WOMEN'S BATHROOM?! That is just cruel and unusual!!

Troll Transport. Hey, Trolls have to get around too!

Is it just me or does it look like Lego man ran through the wall and grabbed the table? This is on a train in Ireland.

Germans even have phallic GUMMIES! Do you know how wrong that is?!

This little guy's got a growth, maybe he should have that checked, he's all red too!

Some how I don't think it's supposed to look like that.

"Hey man what'd you do this weekend?" "Got a 6 pack and parked on the side of the road and watched cars drive by!" "Seriously? WOW!" Ok, now the scary thing is, Germans actually do this. They will stand on an overpass and watch or count cars go by..really!

"Ben Dover" Only a Scotsman! But sadly none of these men were Scottish. But still "Ben Dover" on the shirt of a man wearing a kilt! I love being Scottish! :D

Apperently this is the German's version of "American Hell." I thought it was just being surrounded by nazis...oh wait...

July 2010

"Just put your hand up to the glass. Come on, no one's looking. I just miss you so much. This is as close as we can get! I MISS YOU MAN!"

"Hey man! Long time no see! Buy me! I can't take it with these other guys much longer!"

"DAMN! Bob, did you fart man? I can't get away from it! SERIOUSLY!!!" *snicker snicker*

Happy fruit! This is an app on the iPhone that helps you learn German, it randomly mixes the fruit up and on the turn it made a smiley face!

I looked up, there was no price. Not even on the ceiling! Maybe it meant you have to "look up the price"?

This was just some random sign we found on the side of the road it says, "Again sex."

"Street art"


June 2010

Big Willy...this is on a toilet paper holder...yeah...

We need more BUN!

Promo? No, looks like a Snickers to me, with MORE NUTS!

May 2010

Anatomically correct mannequins...

One great thing about renaissance festivals in Europe is many times they are held in the ruins of an actual castle!

Erotic beer.

This baby was being pulled in this beautiful wagon at a Ren. Fair.

Ah Ren. Fair go-ers.... Yeah, he's in the stocks.

Did it start galloping and couldn't stop?!

Human traffic cone!

This reminded me of childhood for some reason.

At least they label their douche BAG cops here.

Fun 69!

April 2010

AAFES supporting CHEAP, I mean safe sex for the US military for years! LMAO

No words needed....

Yes, that is a condom. Yes, it's a hat. Yes, it is BRIGHT pink!

HUMMER in a can! HAHAHA Ok yes I know hummer, is lobster in German, but come on that's funny!

Ok It's official, Germans are obsessed with phallic things. This is a spring roll.

GIANT Gnome candle